745 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY

After seeing Janko Rasic Architects work for tenants Auda Advisor Associates and the Altinyildiz Corporation, RREEF, the building owner approached Janko Rasic Architects to be the building architect for 745 Fifth Avenue. The Art Deco, 35-story building has 493,338 square feet. Janko Rasic Architects served as building architect providing full support to the in-house leasing team, until the building was sold for a record $700 a square foot. Janko Rasic Architects renovated common corridors and bathrooms reintroducing Art Deco details. In addition, Janko Rasic Architects designed pre-built suites and renovated the building management office. Janko Rasic Architects also preformed tenant plan review on the building owners behalf for over 30 projects including J Records offices and sound studios. Janko Rasic Architects designed numerous tenant spaces including Bramwell Capital Management and the Forum Gallery.