Coca-Cola-Company Bldg.
711 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY

Janko Rasic Architects renovated the lobby and 12 floors of the Coca-Cola Building. The 1920’s Beaux-Arts building lobby with its original Corinthian columnade was destroyed during a “modernization” in the 1950’s. Janko Rasic Architects\' design reestablished the classical spirit of the lobby and the building. The 84-ft. long lobby is broken into six bays defined by an engaged colonnade at each interval and by open pediments. Custom designed brass-framed display cases were introduced. Display cases hold early memorabilia from the Coca-Cola Company. The renovated 12 floors include the offices of the financial firm Allen & Company, Columbia Pictures, and Tristar Pictures, which were also by Janko Rasic Architects.

Interior Design