A&M Octone Records
The NYC based record label which operates through the Universal Music Group and has artists such as Maroon 5, asked Janko Rasic Architects to design its new headquarters. The office space takes advantage of spectacular views of the New York City skyline. In an attempt to economize, both A&M Octone Records and JRA also employed smart sustainable decisions.

Cost effective sustainable strategies include:

•The office is on a high floor in a building with windows on four sides.

•It is close to multiple subway and bus lines and is in walking distance for several of the executives who walk to work daily.

•Everyone has visual or direct access to a window. Sliding glass partitions allow daylight to penetrate into the private offices.

•All the artificial light is fluorescent minimizing the use of electricity and heat output thereby reducing the need for HVAC.

• During the day the lights are typically off because of the abundance of natural daylight.

•An effort was made to reuse and minimize the use of materials where possible.

•The existing ceiling slab and sprinklers were left exposed in the open areas.

•Additionally, a decision was made to leave the radiators exposed.

•An existing wood floor which had been covered by sheets of plywood was sanded and refinished.

•The existing terrazzo floor in the bathrooms was cleaned.

•All of the workstations are refurbished workstations.