Awards & Publications

28 West 44th Street
BOMA/NY Pinnacle Award 2004-2005, Operating Office Buildings (100,000-499,999 Sq. Ft.) Interior Architect.

220 Fifth Avenue
Geran, Monica. “220 Fifth Avenue: Janko Rasic Associates’ renovation of the lobby in a 1920’s Manhattan office building.” Interior Design. September 1988: 254-255.

501 Seventh Avenue
BOMA/NY Pinnacle Award 2005-2006, Renovated Building of the Year. Lobby Design Architect.

Rasic, Timothy. " Behind the Curtain: ABN AMRO Bank, Sensitivity to Light." Workspace Design magazine. December 2011

Allen & Co.
Haney, Laura J.. “Design Enhances Image: Allen & Co. Inc.” The Designer. One 1979: 6-7, 10.

The Amateur Comedy Club
Murray Hill Architectural Award, “In recognition of the restoration and design of the exterior of 150 East 37th Street”, Murray Hill Neighborhood Association October 2007.

“Fire Doors Solve Partitioning Problem: Janko Rasic Associates, New York, adapt former equipment space into AT&T office facilities by employing series of self-closing fire doors to suggest open plan.” Contract. July 1981: 130.

Banco de Chile
Cohen, Edie Lee. “Banco de Chile: New York branch in an East Side townhouse renovated by Janko Rasic Associates.” Interior Design. September 1985: 296-299.

“The View from Citicorp: New York offices of a major Brazilian bank with interiors by Janko Rasic Associates.” Interior Design. May 1979: Cover, 224-225.

Bank Leu
P.T. “Banking on Tradition.” The Designer Specifier. April 1985: 34.

Cappa Productions
“Work in Progress: Arnold Newman has a way of illuminating his subjects so that you’re impressed not only by what they do but also by what they wear.” The New York Times Magazine. 30 January 2000: 63.

Caressa Shoes
Haney, Laura J..”Q: What’s Grey and White and Chrome All Over? A: The Caressa Shoes Showroom.” The Designer. Seven 1979: 38.

Coca-Cola Company
Tucker, John G. “Classical Reparation: Janko Rasic returns lost grandeur to the lobby of a Beaux-Arts building in midtown Manhattan.” Interior Design. March 1985: 288-289.

Kaitz, Jane. “Banking Brazilian Style.” The Designer. May 1982: 14-15.

Credit Suisse
"Monsanto 'DOC' awards presented in New York." Buildings. Tuesday, February 1, 1994.

Monsanto DOC Award 1993

Hoyt, Charles K..”Trading Up.” Architectural Record Lighting Supplement. November 1993: 34-35.

Geran, Monica. “CREDITANSTALT: Janko Rasic Associates Architects design the Austrian bank’s New York spaces.” Interior Design. May, 1990: 260-265.

Dow Badische
“A Case for Consolidation: The New York sales force of several Dow Badische divisions are joined in a new facility designed by Janko Rasic Associates.” Interior Design. May 1976: 184-185.

Drom Fragrances International
Burr, Chandler. The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York.New York: Picador, 2009. [p.31]

“drom fine fragrance studio: Created in Zipcode 10013. drom’s Trendy New Studio Allows Clients To Participate In Creation ‘From Top To Bottom’.” Beauty Fashion. February 2006: 35-37.

Sway, RoxAnna (Editor in Chief), and Bove, Jessie (Associate Editor).“New York's stylish new stores.”Display and Design Ideas. Friday, December 1 2006.

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Mendelson, Katie. "THE MAKING OF A PERFUME LAB: Inside tof a European firmhe fragrance facilites." Design Bureau. January/February 2012: 88-89.

Kathleen Allen Lower School
The Hackley School

Builders Institute Award of Westchester & Putnam Counties, Inc. 1972

“The Hackley School addition: Classroom clusters and an open-centered, cruciform plan.” Architectural Record. October 1972: 123-126.

Henri Bendel
Nasatir, Judith A.. “The Street of Shops Hits the Street.” The DesignerSpecifier. March 1984: 30-32, 91.

Kerr Steamship
“Kerr Steamship. “ The Designer File Lighting ‘79. October 1978: 46-47.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions
McGrath, Norman.Architectural Photography: Professional Techniques For Shooting Interior and Exterior Spaces.New York: Amphoto Books, 2009. [p73]

Hodgson, Moira. “March Gets a Makeover And the Familiar Becomes Strange.” The New York Observer. 21 August 2000.Laye, Bob. “Makeover leads March to 4 Stars: East Side Restaurant Builds on Fame with Multi-Accented NYC Cuisine.” Crain’s July 8-14, 2002, 18.

Maxim’s New York
Geran, Monica. “Maxim’s New York: A recreation of the Paris prototype by architect/designer Janko Rasic.” Interior Design. January 1987: 222-227.

“POSTINGS; VOILA MAXIM’S.” The New York Times. February 10, 1985.

Frumkin, Paul. "Cardin designs Maxim's cafes; European-styled L'Omnibus a key expansion vehicle." Nation's Restaurant News. March 18, 1985.

North Court Building
Feingold, Jean. "Saving History: The benefits of restoring commercial structures." View ASID New York Metro. Spring 2009: 18-20.

New York Council Society of American Registered Architects, Award of Excellence, 2003.

Off Track Betting
"Adaptable buildings for betting offices.” Building Design & Construction. January 1976: 14.

“Visual Communications.” Industrial Design. Jan/Feb 1976: 26.

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
McGrath, Norman.Architectural Photography: Professional Techniques For Shooting Interior and Exterior Spaces.New York: Amphoto Books, 2009. [p95, 98]

Peter Friedman

“On the Avenue: A real estate firm carves a niche in New York’s GM Building.” Professional Office Design. March/April 1989.

Pierre Cardin Galleries
Loyaute, Benjamin. pierre cardin evolution: furniture and design. Paris: Flammarion, 2006. [p50-1]

S.R.E. “Restoration on 57th Street: The Pierre Cardin Galleires in a renovated townhouse.” Interior Design. May 1981: Cover, 286-289.

Port Jefferson Free Library's Young Adult Center at Goodtimes
Bolan, Kimberly:Teen Spaces The Step-by Step Library Makeover, Second Edition, American Library Association, Chicago, 2009.

Private Residence
Greenburg, Cara. "The Insider: 12-Footer in the Lower Slope". Brownstoner. January 12, 2012.

Private Residence
Maharam, Bonnie. “A Geometric adventure into new angles of interior space.” Better Homes & Gardens Building Ideas. Summer 1977: 62-65.

Private Residence
“Miniature Lighthouse Rebuilt On Quogue’s Penniman Creek.” Hampton Chronicle.